I started Herbalife and my personal journey of regaining ME in February of 2017 after I quit smoking and was putting on serious weight again. I was 270 just about 2 years ago and was getting close to sliding of the scale forever. You know the moment when you ready to just about concede to your weight and how you feel forever, like saying “This is it, this who I am” Well I wasn’t ready to do that and knew I needed a new way of living. So I started with walking and then eating clean and then hitting the weights. I lost almost 70 pounds BUT, I didn’t gain the knowledge of proper nutrition. I then decided it was time to quit smoking. It was a journey that scared me it was my last vice I had to let go. I was at 200 lbs and was very proud of what I was able to do so I stopped November of last year before a trip to see my kids thinking seeing them would give me the strength to under take this objective of being SMOKE FREE, 2 months in a was doing great but noticed I was eating at night more and later. I ended up putting on another 40 pounds. I was depressed and noticed I wasn’t smoking any more. I thought well maybe I should step up the working out and that should fix this problem, little did I know you truly can’t work off a bad diet. Its almost impossible and for me it WAS. So one day I’m walking out of Youfit after a great workout and saw James Garcia [Owner of Empire Nutrition]. My first interaction with James was a funny one because maybe a month earlier I was leaving the gym and walked into a smoothie shop that would later be Jame’s and the service and knowledge they displayed was so little to be desired I swore never ever to walk in there again. Now fast forward to the day I meet James, I yelled at him “Don’t go in there that place sucks” and in true James fashion he wasn’t going to let that go. He got me into his Club and served me up a Tea and shake. I was highly against the Tea and never heard of Herbalife so to say I was skeptical is an understatement. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the Tea hot or cold and James insisted I try the the tea and said the Tea was Key and I couldn’t help but giggle a little.  I remember growing up with my family having ice tea in the house, yes that was really my experience and knowledge of herbal tea. So I drank the tea and the shake he served me which is 24 Rebuild Strength (Chocolate). I LOVED LOVED the shake and was on the fence with the tea. Well within 30 days I was down 20 pounds and felt amazing. James asked me if I wanted to join the movement and become a distributor, my true first answer was “I’m not joining a cult”  James smiled and laughed with me and proceeded to serve me my daily tea and shake’s for another week or two. Finally, a day came when I had bad news on a job I really wanted at the time and James followed me out to my car and asked me a serious question, it was simple “I want you to join my team” now he has asked me before I felt this moment was  different in many ways. I have always heard James but, never truly listened till that moment. I can’t say why maybe it was a mindset, timing or just how it was meant to be because I committed on the spot. The last 3 months have been amazing journey from to amazing STS’s to EXTRAVAGANZA I have realized this was the world I was meant to live in, this was a life I could live a LIFE I could be proud to LIVE. Sometimes in life the moment comes as a hand shake, an email or for me a simple encounter that has truly changed my life and its direction. I am beyond blessed to share with you my journey and story but stay with me because I am just getting started and I am here to change the world and anyone I can touch. Today I am currently 205 pounds and in the best shape of my life. I have strength and belief in ME to keep going. My daughters have seen my change and have supported me from day 1. They believed in me and fueled my WHY to levels I forgot I had in me. I will never go back to that way of thinking where NEVER is my reality!

“Don’t let today become NEVER”


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