Thank you James & Pamela of Empire Nutrition


James Garcia / Andrew Miro / Pamela Rodriguez

I am so grateful to these two my Herbalife FAMILY and my sponsor. They have both been there since day one to help me on my journey. I have lost almost 40 pounds and have gained lean muscle mass. I have been able to keep the weight off and have even been able to stay smoke free for a total of 9 months. I have changed my whole life in so many ways it’s crazy. Later this month I have the privilege of opening 954 Nutrition. It’s become a passion and a vision that has become reality. The Grand Opening will be Aug 26th @ 7 PM. We will have food and drinks (Till it runs out) as well we will be streaming the Mayweather vs McGregor fight. I’m blessed for all of you in my life and on my team. God bless and have a fabulous Sunday!! #954nutrition #herbalife #empirenutrition #grandopening #pembrokepines

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